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The Path to Financial Growth

We follow a 5-step process for evaluating and investing in high potential opportunities. We accept applications in the Dealum platform on a rolling basis, so the typical funding cycle occurs within 2–4 months of application submission, depending on when you enter our cycles and how prepared you are.

After your presentation and Q&A at the investment meeting, our members will have a chance to discuss your investment opportunity. If investors express interest, the due diligence process will be arranged with a Due Diligence Lead and Due Diligence Analyst. During due diligence, our team will verify the statements made in your business plan, presentation, and financial projections.

They will thoroughly research your team’s background and track record and will often conduct calls with customers and vendors. An initial discussion of valuation and terms will happen early in due diligence to make sure the two parties are aligned. We will also schedule at least one meeting where our interested members may also ask further questions. If you play an active role in facilitating this process, then it will help to expedite a final investment decision.

Ready to apply?

If you’ve read all about our Investment Criteria and our Investment Process, polished your business plan, and perfected your presentation, you are now ready to fill out our application.

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