Doris Qamar

Doris is passionate about entrepreneurship and supporting small businesses. She has worked with a number of small businesses, in healthcare, life science and physical science spaces providing advice on pitching, funding, go-to-market strategies, among others. Doris cares about sustainability practices, and about empowering and supporting women in business.
At Ivey, she led a new venture team EcoBug, and was a semi-finalist in the IBK International Business Plan Competition.

She is a Certified Engineering Technologist and possesses 5+ years of experience in Research and Development in the chemical industry. Doris is able to use her analytical skills and attention to detail to analyze and consult on complex problems to deliver strategic solutions. She is comfortable making decisions in ambiguous situations, and is able to quickly learn and adapt to new business needs.

At ERCO Doris led a variety of industrial initiatives, and participated in key projects involving both internal and customer facing roles. She is committed to internal initiatives that benefit the culture and well-being of her organization and allow her to develop meaningful relationships with stakeholders.

Her key proficiencies include:
• Strategic and Sustainable Planning
• Relationship Management
• Data Analysis
• Project Management
• Troubleshooting
• Leadership
• Process Optimization