Gordon Mawdsley

Gord Mawdsley has been working with Dr. Martin Yaffe in imaging physics since 1979, on the improvement of the detection of Breast cancer. He is a Fellow of the Canadian College of Physicists in Medicine, with specialty certification in Mammographic Physics. He currently works in the Imaging Research group at Sunnybrook Research Institute, which has produced a number of spin-off companies. Two examples are Sentinelle which just sold for $85 Million and Visualsonic which sold for $75 Million.

His earlier work included the development of a clinical full-field digital mammographic unit, and co-coordinating the physics quality control program for the Digital Mammography Screening Trial (DMIST) which showed that digital mammography was better for women with dense breasts.

He is currently a director of Mammographic Physics Inc, the corporation that provides physics consultation and quality control assistance to the 168 sites of the Ontario Breast Screening Program. Profits from this corporation are returned to Sunnybrook for SR&ED projects and for the incubation of startup companies.