Jie Zhao

Jie Zhao has over 15 years’ experience in the translation/software localization industry. After graduating from the University of Electronic Science and Technology(Chengdu, China), his career has varied from being a tech geek, a salesman to an entrepreneur. This unique blend of experiences, understanding and knowledge, Jie has gained from working in the government and private sectors.

In 1990, Jie started his career as a software programmer. In 1993, Jie co-founded his first company JiJin Ltd., a PCB factory, acting as CEO. In 1996, he exited his first venture and started Boffin China to provide translation/localization services to multinationals who were tapping into Chinese markets such as Microsoft, HP, Cisco and etc. Jie and his family immigrated in Canada in 2009 and he setup Boffin’s Canadian operation in Markham Ontario.

Jie is currently enrolled in the MEEI(Master of Engineering Entrepreneurship and Innovation) program in McMaster University. After his two successful start-ups, Jie is standing by to disrupt translation and language education industry with the state-of-art internet technology.