Neville Joffe


Founder: AME Learning and Bizwisdom

Neville Joffe founded AME Learning in 1997 and Bizwisdom more recently after spending more than 20 years restructuring manufacturing companies.  Having experimented with his 400 unionized employees, he discovered the power of educating them to be business savvy which was the ultimate initiative that turned his business into a world class manufacturer.  Neville has since trained internationally with many of the world’s leading companies.  He has written and published 6 leading finance and managerial textbooks that accompany his patented teaching technology used by leading colleges and pre Executive Education programs including Harvard Business School.

His training peers have called him a “trainers trainer”.  He is a motivating, passionate, humorous, engaging and compelling speaker who influences operators to understand the necessity and power of business acumen and financial literacy.

He has been married to Marion for 41 years.  They enjoy spending time with their 3 sons, their grandchildren, mountain climbing and long distance motorcycle riding.