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January 2024 Investment Meeting

The York Angel Investors January Investment Meeting took place on January 25th at the Thornhill Golf & Country Club. The highlights of the event were the presentations from two innovative companies: Mutuo Health Solutions and MedsOnWheels. Each company showcased their outstanding traction in hopes of acquiring funding interest from the YAI member base. 

Mutuo Health Solutions

Mutuo Health’s AutoScribe is an AI-based digital scribe assistant to clinicians which automates medical note-taking. Leveraging a microphone, AutoScribe is an AI-based software that parses the patient-clinician dialogue to automatically generate in real-time suggested medical notes and patient reminder handouts. This EMR-embedded software saves clinicians about 50% note-taking time, and learns from clinician edits of its suggested outputs, becoming more accurate.


MedsOnWheels has developed a SaaS Platform to digitize independently owned pharmacies the SaaS Platform will allow for prescription filling/refilling, virtual care, and OTC medication sales via a Marketplace.

Our sponsor and friends at IG PWM delivered an insightful presentation to our attendees in order to keep them up to date with the latest industry trends and changes. This was followed by remarks made by our Executive Director Megan Tuck on the state of our investment pipeline, and future plans we have for the organization.