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May Investment Meeting

On May 29th, we hosted our May Investment Meeting. It was the first event under our new Executive Director Dina Hawker who addressed our members and guests on the future of the York Angels and our new programming. We hosted 3 amazing founders in Sydney Robinson of Vessl Prosthetics, Matthew Rosato of PROVA Innovations Ltd., and Ken Burke of Microcasting, Inc.! Each of these companies did a wonderful job and we thank them for taking the time to present for the York Angels.

Vessl Prosthetics

Vessl is developing an automatically adjusting prosthetic socket for lower limb amputees to decrease their pain. Learn more here.

PROVA Innovations

PROVA has developed the world’s first haptic smart insole that provides in-home gait rehabilitation. Learn more here.


Using AI, education, knowledge sharing, and community to create the ultimate customer experience at every touchpoint. With seamless integration and support, it is perfect for boosting retention, upselling, and reducing costs. Learn more here.

We would also like to thank Nora Eze, CAMS who spoke on behalf of our new sponsor West Ontario Law LLP. We are very grateful for their support and are excited for future collaborative endeavors between West Ontario Law and the York Angel Investors.