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November 2023 Investment Meeting

The York Angel Investors November Investment Meeting was sponsored by our great friends at BDO. This meeting featured three high potential companies in the mining, construction, and SaaS sectors. These companies engaged in rigorous discourse that ended with a room full of investors interested in advancing to our due diligence processes. 

vGIS Inc. 

vGIS solves the problem with a 3D digital twin platform powered by AI and highly accurate AR. The system is built for capital improvements and infrastructure projects to create a common data environment. vGIS brings all relevant spatial data – designs, 3D point clouds and more – into a unified, always up-to-date view of the construction site.

Sawback Technologies

Sawback Technologies has developed a proprietary solution to prevent worker deaths during ground excavations. Our solution has resulted in a lightweight version of Ground Penetrating Radar, that is platform agnostic (ie. can be installed on drones, personnel, or other vehicles), combined with proprietary processing algorithms to solve the issues caused by removing the hardware from the ground, and automating the data analysis.


They have built a SaaS CRM to help overtake investment fund dealflow and combined intelligence and outsourced analysts to improve due diligence on deals. 1) Lower costs, 2) Reduction in time, 3) Improving quality of analysis, 4) Removal of subjective bias giving way for underrepresented founders to have a chance at raising capital.

We remain committed to fostering innovation and collaboration within our community, and we look forward to continued success and impactful partnerships in the future. Thank you to everyone who made this event possible, and I look forward to our continued collaboration.