Investment Process

Getting Started: The Application

Submit Your Application

* Please note that fees may be applicable upon receipt of your application. For more information, click here.

The York Angels receive a number of business plans on an ongoing basis.

Our process is streamlined for our entrepreneurs and the Angels through a standard funding application. The businesses that meet our investment criteria are invited to a pre-screening event with select members. Successful pre-screened candidates are then invited to present at one of our monthly meetings for group consideration.

Due Diligence

Following the group presentation, the Angels will follow up with entrepreneurs of interest. One Angel will lead the due diligence process and will contact the entrepreneur to better understand:
the business
the financials
what keeps you up at night
A few informal working meetings are typical throughout the due diligence process. Following the success of the due diligence process the entrepreneur may be presented with a term sheet.

The Term Sheet

The York Angels pride themselves in presenting fair, reasonable term sheets based on the knowledge acquired throughout the due diligence process.

Upon agreement on the terms we progress to a share purchase agreement and shareholder agreement.

The Angels will may require one or two Board positions based on the amount of the investment and the potential value specific members contribute to the current Board.

York Angels work together with you to support your business and help propel growth – from facilitating banking introductions to opening the doors to target prospects.