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Space-Tech Industry Event

On March 7th, 2023, York Angel proudly hosted the Launch Into Angel Investing Space-Tech Event, a standout industry event in our series of prestigious gatherings, held at the Offworld Bar, a captivating space-themed venue that perfectly set the stage for the day’s theme. This event assembled a celebrated lineup of speakers and trailblazing startups from the Space-Tech sector, facilitating a premier platform for exchange and discovery. Notable speakers included Bachar Elzein of Reaction Dynamics, Brian Gallant from Space Canada, and industry experts Rahul Goel and Albert Behr. Startups like Exodus Orbitals, Galaxia Mission Systems, Obruta Space Solutions, and Moon Trades were also in attendance, showcasing their pioneering contributions to Space-Tech.

The setting of the Offworld Bar, with its thematic decor and ambiance, enhanced the enthusiasm and engagement among the participants, creating a unique environment that mirrored the innovative spirit of the discussions and presentations. The event was celebrated for its lasting impressions and was a success in its goal to generate inspiration, intelligence sharing, and learning about the latest in space technology and investment opportunities.

Through this successful gathering, York Angels demonstrated its ongoing commitment to promoting community, collaboration, and education within the startup and investment sectors. These industry events are vital to our mission, aiming to foster a well-informed community that supports the growth and advancement of startups, while also highlighting investment in industries that are poised to redefine our future. The York Angels Space-Tech Industry Event was a clear reflection of our dedication to these goals, signaling our continued pursuit of excellence in facilitating educational and collaborative opportunities for investors and startups alike.