Start-Up Visa Program

Canada welcomes innovative business ideas and invites entrepreneurs from other countries to benefit from the strong Canadian economy. The Start-up Visa (SUV) program launched by the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) targets foreign start-ups with novel and new technology that have the potential to build innovative businesses within Canada and can help to further innovate within our entrepreneurial ecosystem. The process is intended to allow for the expedited migration of foreign owned businesses looking to operate in Canada by providing up to five (5) founders or core team members with a permanent residency, provided that they meet the criteria established under the program and IRCC’s normal requirements for immigration.

York Angel Investors is one of 9 designated angel organizations in Canada that can support applications for a SUV. As a Designated Angel Group participant in the SUV program of the IRCC, we can provide the first level of assessment of your intention to apply.

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