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BA, Deputy Executive Director

Emma Fuller

Family Law
Business Law
Consumer Law

Dr. Annie Chawla is a highly experienced legal professional serving as the Secretary of the Board of Directors and Chairperson for the Legal and Governance Committee at York Angel Investors. With a distinguished background in the legal field, she has held senior positions at prestigious institutions such as JPMorgan Chase, Integreon Managed Solutions, and Ernst & Young. Dr. Chawla brings expertise in risk management, forensic legal investigations, and internal compliance, providing top-notch legal services and strategic guidance. Her diverse educational background includes multiple bachelor’s degrees, a master’s degree, and a Doctorate Degree in Business Law, reflecting her commitment to continuous learning and profound understanding of legal principles within a business context. Dr. Chawla’s extensive qualifications position her as a highly qualified and dedicated legal professional.

Dr. Chawla’s legal prowess extends beyond her work in private institutions. She has also served in legal capacities for regulatory bodies such as the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) in the United States. Her involvement with these esteemed organizations has given her first-hand experience in navigating complex regulatory frameworks and ensuring compliance for financial institutions.


¬†Furthermore, Dr. Chawla’s expertise in international law, contract law, consumer law, and business law has earned her recognition as a trusted advisor to multinational companies. Her profound understanding of these legal domains enables her to provide invaluable insights and solutions to complex legal challenges faced by startups and organizations.

In her role as Secretary of the Board of Directors and Chairperson of the Legal and Governance Committee, Dr. Chawla leverages her extensive legal knowledge and experience to guide York Angel Investors in making informed investment decisions while ensuring adherence to legal and governance standards. Her commitment to diversity and inclusion, along with her dedication to promoting gender equality and supporting fintech startups, contributes to creating a more inclusive and successful startup ecosystem.

Dr. Annie Chawla’s multifaceted legal experience, including her work with regulatory bodies, positions her as a highly esteemed legal professional with a comprehensive understanding of the legal landscape. Her leadership within York Angel Investors serves to uphold legal and governance standards, promote diversity, and provide valuable guidance to startups seeking legal support and compliance expertise.

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