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York Angels: Your Path to Investment Success

York Angel Investors is committed to building and maintaining a strong startup ecosystem that includes founders, funders, and supporting organizations. Our collaborative program is designed to strengthen the ties between You, our Portfolio Companies, Entrepreneurs, and our Angel Investors. Our size and digital reach give participants in our Partnership Program tremendous access and exposure as well as marketing opportunities throughout the year.

Access & Exposure

You can obtain access to the complete deal pipeline by utilizing the capabilities offered through the Dealum Platform

Access to our monthly Radar event for an “early look” at early stage startups from our partner incubators and accelerators

Invitations to our internal screening meetings and monthly Investment Meetings and the opportunity to bring guests

Opportunity to participate, offer special seminars and education sessions at our monthly Investment Meetings

Promotion, Outreach, and Events

Logo & membership status and home page link will be posted on the York Angel Investor website

The logo will be displayed in select email communications, event invitations, and newsletters

Exposure through York Angel Investors social media channels (LinkedIn & Twitter)

Various other opportunities such as

Monthly Meetings

We offer various options that include speaking opportunities, promotion, white papers, category exclusivity and access to pre-screening, screening and due diligence as a Partner Member.


Throughout the year we offer Investor Education sessions focused on enhancing our members’ understanding of angel investing, tax, wealth management, IP, due diligence, term sheets, valuations, etc.


The Radar is a monthly event for founders to practice their five minute pitch with Angel Investors. Founders receive feedback and investors get an exclusive first look at the most promising founders from our partner incubators and accelerators.


We co-host Demo Days with local accelerators and/or incubators for our investors and special guests. Demo Days generally drive a large audience of members, potential members, and ecosystem partners, giving you exposure to a large and diverse audience.

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