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2023 Radr Events

Practice Your Pitch With York Angel

What is it?

Radar with York Angel Investors is a new platform that creates collaboration opportunities between York Angel Investors and the innovation ecosystem in Canada and contributes to building a more supportive environment to accomplish our mutual goals.

Benefits for startup

  • Opportunity to Practice and perfect a 5-minute pitch ahead of a raise
  • Receive live feedback from angel investors
  • Exposure to angel investors and new supporters
  • Opportunity to fast-pass into the York Angels investment pipeline

Criteria for startups

  • Must be incorporated in Canada
  • Must be at MVP stage or beyond
  • Planning on raising capital in the near future
  • Pitches must be no more than 5 minutes

Some advice...

Ensure the 5-minute pitch is articulate, clearly represents the business and covers the following:

  • Problem
  • Solution
  • Market

2023 Screening Meetings

In our closed Screening Meetings, we start our search to find the next startups who will get the chance to pitch at our Investment Meeting later in the month.

Screening Meetings present an opportunity for companies to present in front of a small number of our Members and our Due Diligence Analysts in an informal setting as a qualifying step prior to being invited to an Investment Meeting.

We invite between two and four presenting companies to a Screening Meeting. Startups have 15 minutes to pitch, followed by a 15-minute Q&A period. This format allows our members to review the company and provide productive feedback to the founders.

Our Screening Meetings occur virtually every first and second Tuesday of the month from 12:30 – 3:00 PM ET.

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